Our insurance practice includes handling of claims against insurance and re-insurance company and regulatory advice (both to domestic and foreign insurers).

The representative matters include:

• representing an insurance company in the case brought by foreign oil service company and handling settlement arrangement;

• representing an insurance company in the case in connection with a claim brought by a foreign construction company;

• representing London-based insurers in handling fatalities relating to AZAL’s AN-140 plane crash in December 2005;

• advising London-based re-insurers on Azerbaijani civil liability provisions and handling an injury claim brought by an Azerbaijani insured;

• advising foreign insurance companies on establishment of presence in Azerbaijan;

• advising foreign re-insurers on employer’s liability provisions under Azerbaijani law;

• advising in connection with acquisition of a local insurance company;

• advising on the introduction of a first ever life insurance program by an Azerbaijani insurance company.